emotional response to package design

No marketing vehicle can kid speak more persuasively than package design.

Kid-Speaking Brand Packaging

How can we reach new generations of consumers? That’'s what many marketers of mature consumer product companies are asking themselves as younger customers in every age group are actively seeking brands that offer personalities and experiences with which they can align. Read: brands which are relevant to … Read More

package design that inspires a changing culture

Package Design to Inspire a Changing Culture

As powerful as visual communication is in modern culture; as engaging as visual brand representations can be, consumers are hungry for something deeper. Marketers who are taking their brands to a whole new level are tapping into that “"something deeper”." Compelling design: imagery, fonts, icons, color and … Read More

Packaging That Inspires Cults and Tribes

Packaging That Inspires Cults and Tribes

It's a marketer’'s dream. How cool it is to inspire consumers to form a cult or a tribe around a brand. To develop such compelling attributes that consumers can't wait to become a part of the brand. Can't wait to be identified by it and adopt it … Read More

Challenger brands can take over the world

Challenger Brands Can Take Over the World

Challengers are contenders. They think differently. They grasp the fact that there are always opportunities if they dare to carve out a new niche for their brands within existing categories; or (gasp) create new ones. Contenders pack as much power as they can into every aspect of … Read More