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Packaging Multiple Brands Under a Single Brand Umbrella

Packaging Multiple Brands Under a Single Brand Umbrella

Over the course of the last few decades, our design consultancy has come to realization that package design serves as a powerful tool for storytelling, brand recognition, and consumer engagement. As experts in package design for licensed brands, in particular, we understand the importance of creating a … Read More

header image for blog post about Pharrell Williams' Piece by Piece biopic

Pharrell Williams and Lego: A Perfect Fit?

Before writing this post, I read article after article on the new movie about Pharrell Williams’ life being told through the lens of the Lego brand in an attempt to truly understand the rationale for the partnership between the musician/producer and the toy industry’s construction toy giant. … Read More

Does Your Packaging Add Value to Your Brand? header image

Does Your Packaging Add Value to Your Brand?

Packaging, by nature, is interactive. It makes the brand tangible to consumers at retail. Taking a good look at the current package design systems for most toy and entertainment brands is a revealing exercise. While doing so, ask yourself: Does the package design align with the brand? … Read More

appealing to gen z and gen alpha in toy and entertainment

Appealing to Gen Z and Gen Alpha in Toy and Entertainment

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, the consumption habits and preferences of youth audiences, particularly Gen Z and Gen Alpha, are continually evolving. These digitally native generations are growing up in an interconnected world, profoundly influenced by technology, and this dynamic landscape significantly impacts the … Read More

The Power of Visual Consistency in Package Design

The Power of Visual Consistency in Package Design

Before we embark on the refresh of a toy or entertainment brand’s packaging, we always conduct The Package Design System Evaluation as part of our pre-design research process. This evaluation takes a close look at the 7 key aspects of the brand’s existing package design system to … Read More

licensed entertainment brands making deeper connections with consumers

How Successful Entertainment Brands Make Deeper Connections

Experiential marketing is a tactic used by brands to appeal to consumers' senses to engage them more meaningfully. Experiential branding goes much deeper. It’'s a powerful differentiator, generating excitement and pleasure for consumers that lead to stronger brand preferences, purchases and loyalty. ••• Entertainment brands are experiential by their … Read More