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Pharrell Williams and Lego: A Perfect Fit?

Before writing this post, I read article after article on the new movie about Pharrell Williams’ life being told through the lens of the Lego brand in an attempt to truly understand the rationale for the partnership between the musician/producer and the toy industry’s construction toy giant. … Read More

Highly Experiential Licensing Programs Reap Success

Building a Property into a Licensed Powerhouse

The marketers of strong brands inevitably turn their attention to licensing. It’'s a natural progression of things. Usually, their focus is on building even more brand awareness, sales and profits. It might sound counterintuitive, but that shouldn’'t be their primary goal. Their thought processes should be on … Read More

Leveraging the Power of Fantasy for Entertainment Brands

Maybe it's because we work with licensed entertainment properties and toy brands that we’re drawn to not only their unique brands, but the separate universes they create. Kids and adults find their imaginations fueled by characters with unique personalities and backstories. Ongoing storylines filled with colorful protagonists … Read More