licensed property success

Highly Experiential Licensing Programs Reap Success

Building a Property into a Licensed Powerhouse

The marketers of strong brands inevitably turn their attention to licensing. It’'s a natural progression of things. Usually, their focus is on building even more brand awareness, sales and profits. It might sound counterintuitive, but that shouldn’'t be their primary goal. Their thought processes should be on … Read More

Brands are going counterculture to win consumers

Brands are Going Counterculture to Win with Consumers

It’'s an American thing. We’'re attracted to individuals who swim against the cultural tide. Artists. Rebels. Challengers of mainstream groupthink. Heroes, real and virtual, who accomplish amazing feats against overwhelming odds. They are all the purveyors of unconventional viewpoints, lifestyles and philosophies, forming subcultures within society. They … Read More