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Packaging Multiple Brands Under a Single Brand Umbrella

Packaging Multiple Brands Under a Single Brand Umbrella

Over the course of the last few decades, our design consultancy has come to realization that package design serves as a powerful tool for storytelling, brand recognition, and consumer engagement. As experts in package design for licensed brands, in particular, we understand the importance of creating a … Read More

How to develop on-brand, holiday-themed packaging.

Developing On-Brand, Holiday-Themed Packaging

Just a couple of months ago, we were in the midst of the holiday season. The bells were jingling and store aisles were filled with holiday-themed products. With spending increasing during the holiday season, it’s no wonder many manufacturers try to capture their share of sales with … Read More

Visual Language for Licensed Global Brand Packaging Design

Developing a Visual Language without Verbal Prompts

Since people are visual, and brands are increasingly global, it’s crucial to communicate the brand story as though there isn’t any verbal brand communication on pack. By designing it that way and then adding limited verbal communication that enhances the values of the brand, consumers are far … Read More