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No marketing vehicle can kid speak more persuasively than package design.

Kid-Speaking Brand Packaging

How can we reach new generations of consumers? That’'s what many marketers of mature consumer product companies are asking themselves as younger customers in every age group are actively seeking brands that offer personalities and experiences with which they can align. Read: brands which are relevant to … Read More

Great Package Design in a Square Foot or Less

Great Package Design in a Square Foot or Less

Many elements of visual brand design are presented on a large canvas, but packaging is an exception. Especially in the toy and licensed consumer product categories. Working within space constraints and still being able to design effective packaging is the challenge for marketers and package designers. But … Read More

Taking toy packaging to the next level

Taking Toy Packaging to the Next Level

So you got your toy packaging right. It’'s engaging kids and their parents. It begins the process of building relationships between them and your brand. It’'s memorable, relevant and personal. In short, it’'s sticky. Congratulations. It’'s terrific when brand managers maximize the effectiveness of their packaging. They understand … Read More