package design strategy

What if Packaging was the Only Marketing Tool You Had?

For many start-ups and small brands unable to afford advertising, packaging is the only marketing tool they've got. You know what? That's a good thing. Larger brands become preoccupied with advertising online and in traditional media, with promotions, social media sites and distribution into more channels. As … Read More

Child’s Play as Serious Learning: Toys That Teach

Surveys? Focus groups? Studying consumer decision-making processes? Most consumer product companies get their marketing information using these techniques. Lego does things differently. The company gets it: they study what consumers do; not what they say. Lego has a marketing department that functions more like a team of … Read More

Optimizing Partnerships for Licensed Entertainment Properties

There are all kinds of heroes, animated characters and unique brands personified by human traits. Many have their origin in comic books, television, movies, toy brands and fantasy-rich virtual worlds. Although evergreen entertainment properties have proven staying power, hot new properties are emerging thanks to online gaming … Read More

Package Design: Branded by Color

Color is integral to branding. It is central to brand personalities and it becomes a brand identifier over time if it is used in a consistent manner. Having an ownable brand color, especially within categories filled with similar products in expected color palettes can help one brand … Read More

In Package Design, Brand Comes Before Beauty

I’'m constantly struck by the overabundance of beautiful consumer product packaging on retail shelves. Much of it is artistic, some over the top or conversely, minimalistic, whimsical and even witty. These qualities would be admirable if packaging was all about “art for art’s sake”, but it isn't, … Read More