package design visual language

Visual Language for Licensed Global Brand Packaging Design

Developing a Visual Language without Verbal Prompts

Since people are visual, and brands are increasingly global, it’s crucial to communicate the brand story as though there isn’t any verbal brand communication on pack. By designing it that way and then adding limited verbal communication that enhances the values of the brand, consumers are far … Read More

No marketing vehicle can kid speak more persuasively than package design.

Kid-Speaking Brand Packaging

How can we reach new generations of consumers? That’'s what many marketers of mature consumer product companies are asking themselves as younger customers in every age group are actively seeking brands that offer personalities and experiences with which they can align. Read: brands which are relevant to … Read More

package design that inspires a changing culture

Package Design to Inspire a Changing Culture

As powerful as visual communication is in modern culture; as engaging as visual brand representations can be, consumers are hungry for something deeper. Marketers who are taking their brands to a whole new level are tapping into that “"something deeper”." Compelling design: imagery, fonts, icons, color and … Read More

Taking toy packaging to the next level

Taking Toy Packaging to the Next Level

So you got your toy packaging right. It’'s engaging kids and their parents. It begins the process of building relationships between them and your brand. It’'s memorable, relevant and personal. In short, it’'s sticky. Congratulations. It’'s terrific when brand managers maximize the effectiveness of their packaging. They understand … Read More

How packaging becomes the brand

How Packaging Becomes the Brand

Package design, when well-conceived and executed, plays a pivotal role in the realm of brand experience. Especially in the case of toy packaging and licensed consumer product packaging. Good package design brings consumers into storylines. Great packaging delivers something so compelling that consumers actually experience the full … Read More