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Does your packaging match your brand?

Does Your Packaging Match Your Brand?

All marketers should be able to sum up their brands in a few, concise words. This is an important exercise. And, if it hasn't been undertaken before, it should be. When clarity precedes any marketing strategy, it's far easier to execute and produce better results with a … Read More

Structural Strategies in Packaging

Structural Strategies in Packaging

Nothing communicates your brand to your consumers in the same way that your packaging does. Packaging, at its best, refers back to the brand and leverages the brand’'s chief assets. It is also powerful enough to be considered the brand’'s most important consumer touch point. Packaging makes … Read More

A New Strategy: Theme-Based Package Structure Design

When we think of a strong structural design strategy for a toy or entertainment brand’'s retail packaging, we imagine a dynamic, cleverly-conceived structural shape inspired by a dominant aspect of the brand that will resonate immediately with consumers. We envision that structural shape working seamlessly from blister … Read More

Package design for action figure collectibles

Don’t Open That Package!

If any of you have ever had a collectible appraised, or you've watched that process on TV shows like Antiques Roadshow, you know that there's greater value if the item is in its original packaging. And you also know that the condition of the packaging matters as … Read More