Are You Refreshing Your Packaging for the Right Reasons?

I can’’t tell you how many times we’’re approached to refresh a consumer product or licensed brand’’s packaging and the client’’s rationale for the entire initiative is presented to us as ““It’’s been a while since our last refresh. So, we feel it’’s time to make a change.””

Obviously, the fact that the client simply feels that it’’s time for a change isn’’t enough of a reason to initiate change. So, what do brand owners and marketers need to have in mind as they consider a packaging refresh?

Package design is a core component of brand marketing

Effective brand marketing has to seek a balance between resonance and relevance. Marketers should reinforce a brand’’s core values by consistently fulfilling the brand promise and retelling its story – as long as it still resonates with consumers. Uncovering how consumers perceive a brand, and whether there are any disconnects, is important to understand. Consumer perception must always be factored into the equation. Remember: consumers help define brands in a big way. Once this is understood, a new strategy must be established for a brand’’s packaging refresh, or the brand’’s lack of relevance will ultimately be its undoing.

10 questions to consider before rethinking your brand’s packaging

  • How does your core consumer view your brand?
  • Does your brand still meet their expectations?
  • Does it fulfill their needs on a functional level and on an emotional level?
  • How do consumers interact with and “”experience”” your brand?
  • Do they feel your brand promise is consistently fulfilled?
  • Does your brand’’s packaging – which makes your brand and product tangible to the consumer – effectively communicate your brand promise?
  • Does your brand’’s packaging augment the brand experience or detract from it?
  • Does it successfully differentiate your brand from its competitors at retail?
  • Does it communicate relevance to the consumer?
  • Does it visually align with the attributes and personality of your brand?

Let the answers to these questions drive the content of the brief for your brand’’s packaging refresh, and you’’ll be certain that you’’re refreshing your packaging for the all the right reasons.

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