The power of lifestyle branding

Connecting with Consumers Through Lifestyle Branding

Brand devotees. Brand loyalists. Brand evangelists. That’s what we are. How do we as consumers go from the willingness to give a brand a try, to connecting with a brand in such a powerful way that we identify it as an integral part of our lifestyle? This happens when we form an emotional bond with the brand and all it stands for – when the brand consistently delivers on its promise. It’’s at this point that we begin to adopt the brand and make it our own.

So, why is it that certain brands are more successful at establishing this connection than others? It’’s because they’’re appealing to consumers’ emotions, rather than their rational considerations, as they’’re forming their purchase decisions. These are truly “”lifestyle brands””. They have staying power. They continue to appeal to consumers because they are able to do so without relying on trends. In fact, they remain relevant specifically because they transcend trends – no matter what.

For many brands, particularly those that are entertainment based, there is a compelling backstory that attracts us. These stories have become a part of our cultural consciousness in a very emotive manner. They evolve as we evolve, so that they can continue to stimulate us while appealing to new generations of consumers.

Think: Star Wars, the Transformers, Spider-Man. These brands are iconic. Legendary. They have a cult-like following of fans that never lose interest, no matter how long the stories have been around. It’’s the ongoing sagas that make them riveting to their brand loyalists. These brands become so immersed in their fans’’ lifestyles that they actually merge with, and become part of their own, personal stories.

Is there a more powerful way to connect with consumers than this?


  • What are some of your favorite entertainment brands, and how have they become part of your lifestyle or your family’’s lifestyle?
  • Which brands outside of the entertainment industry have the lifestyle cache and powerful backstories that entertainment brands enjoy? How so?

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