licensed entertainment brands making deeper connections with consumers

How Successful Entertainment Brands Make Deeper Connections

Experiential marketing is a tactic used by brands to appeal to consumers' senses to engage them more meaningfully. Experiential branding goes much deeper. It’'s a powerful differentiator, generating excitement and pleasure for consumers that lead to stronger brand preferences, purchases and loyalty. ••• Entertainment brands are experiential by their … Read More

licensed visual design at retail

Leveraging Licensed Visual Design in Retail Environments

As design consultants, we’'ve placed our emphasis on developing package design systems that tell the brand story with a unique, ownable aesthetic. We’'ve conducted pre-design research, analyzing competitors’' package designs before developing unique concepts to make our clients'’ brands stand apart, but three major factors, while not … Read More

Visual Language for Licensed Global Brand Packaging Design

Developing a Visual Language without Verbal Prompts

Since people are visual, and brands are increasingly global, it’s crucial to communicate the brand story as though there isn’t any verbal brand communication on pack. By designing it that way and then adding limited verbal communication that enhances the values of the brand, consumers are far … Read More

The role of toy packaging in online shopping

The Role That Toy Packaging Plays in Online Shopping

It’'s no surprise that consumers are doing more of their shopping online now than ever before. Online shopping was already prevalent for many categories prior to the pandemic. But the shift to online retail became significant once stores selling non-essential items began closing across the globe back … Read More