The Power of Visual Consistency in Package Design

The Power of Visual Consistency in Package Design

Before we embark on the refresh of a toy or entertainment brand’s packaging, we always conduct The Package Design System Evaluation as part of our pre-design research process. This evaluation takes a close look at the 7 key aspects of the brand’s existing package design system to … Read More

Does your packaging match your brand?

Does Your Packaging Match Your Brand?

All marketers should be able to sum up their brands in a few, concise words. This is an important exercise. And, if it hasn't been undertaken before, it should be. When clarity precedes any marketing strategy, it's far easier to execute and produce better results with a … Read More

How to develop on-brand, holiday-themed packaging.

Developing On-Brand, Holiday-Themed Packaging

Just a couple of months ago, we were in the midst of the holiday season. The bells were jingling and store aisles were filled with holiday-themed products. With spending increasing during the holiday season, it’s no wonder many manufacturers try to capture their share of sales with … Read More

Style Guide Design as an Immersive Brand Experience

Style Guide Design as an Immersive Brand Experience

The year was 2009. And it marked the last time we developed an actual printed and die-cut licensing program style guide. This highly-immersive piece was created for Hasbro’s The Littlest Pet Shop lifestyle licensing program to announce the brand’s new “paw print” creative strategy, which we established … Read More

The use of black in toy package design.

The Dark Side of Toy Package Design

There’s a reoccurring mindset among some of our toy industry clients that’s somewhat baffling to our creative team. Whenever we’re in the midst of a package design refresh, and we determine that the brand would benefit from leveraging black as its dominant color, there’s considerable push-back. It’s … Read More