Design Force, Inc. Announces Brand Refresh in Q1’21

Design Force, Inc. proudly announces that the design consultancy has recently completed a revolutionary refresh of its visual branding system and a fine-tuning of its positioning, which will be launched simultaneously with the consultancy’’s new web site during Q1’’21.

The consultancy, which has been partnering with the global brand leaders in toy and entertainment for the past three decades, is winding down a year-long celebration of its 30th anniversary this month. The celebration, dubbed 2020 Vision, was a reflective one, taking a look back at the consultancy’’s many successes, as well as those they’’ve accomplished for their clients’’ brands, since its inception in 1990. Part of the 2020 Vision campaign, and unannounced until now, was an introspective initiative that re-evaluated every aspect of the Design Force, Inc. brand, to better prepare itself for the needs of the post-pandemic toy and entertainment industries as it enters its 4th decade in business. The result of this inward look is a fresh, new visual aesthetic and distinctive messaging that’’s heavily rooted in the vision and leadership of the consultancy’’s President and Creative Director, Ted Mininni.

Although the entire brand refresh won’’t be revealed until next year, the new visual branding system will be gently “teased” on social media between now and then. To get an occasional glimpse, follow Design Force, Inc. on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.