Leveraging Consistency in Package Design on toybook.com

Design Force, Inc., proudly announces that The Toy Book has published its president, Ted Mininni’s latest article as a feature in the publication’s Outside the Box column of the Toy Fair 2023 issue. The piece, titled: Leveraging Consistency in Package Design, explains why visually consistent toy packaging appeals most to consumers.

As the article begins, Mr. Mininni states: “Although this may be tough to hear, more often than not, the biggest reason why many toy brands’ package design systems no longer resonate with their target audiences is the fact that too many exceptions to the standardization guidelines have been made by the brand’s marketers and brand managers.” He then goes on to explain, “What truly needs to be understood by brand owners is this: When refreshing a brand’s package design system, rules need to be established for the usage of brand-specific package design assets and product-specific package design assets. Making this distinction is incredibly powerful. When the overarching, brand-specific package design assets are treated in a consistent manner across the entire product line, consumers will immediately notice the aspects of the packaging that do change from one product to another.”

To read the article, visit toybook.com and turn to page 236.