Retro Toys Make a Comeback in Legacy Brand Packaging on

Design Force, Inc., proudly announces that The Toy Book has published its president, Ted Mininni’s latest article as a feature in the publication’s Outside the Box column of the February 2021 issue. The piece, titled: Retro Toys Make a Comeback in Legacy Brand Packaging (on page 240) discusses the fact that so many legacy brands are reintroducing their original product lines to today’s marketplace in packaging inspired by their original design.

As the article begins, Mr. Mininni explains how this trend is likely a result of our collective addiction to nostalgia. “It’s something that affects us all in the same way. We think back to wonderful moments from our past with fondness. We remember a time when there was much less weight on our shoulders – when we had fewer responsibilities and no real fear of the unknown.”

He goes on to suggest that these legacy toy brands are nostalgic triggers: “…when [these toys are] reintroduced to the marketplace in their original packaging that’s so familiar to consumers… both the packaging and the products inside are snapshots that call to mind specific moments from our past, and thy were positive moments because we were in a state of fantasy and play. Who doesn’t want to experience that feeling again?”

Mr. Mininni then cites various examples of retro brands who reintroduced their products to the marketplace in their original packaging.