Packaging Feelings for Kids’ Mental Well-Being on

Design Force, Inc., proudly announces that The Toy Book has published its president, Ted Mininni’s latest article as a feature in the publication’s Outside the Box column of the October 2021 issue. The piece, titled: Packaging Feelings for Kids’ Mental Well-Being (on page 106) discusses the fact that toy packaging plays a critical role in conveying the emotional benefit of the product it contains to consumers.

As the article begins, Mr. Mininni asks us to reflect on the impact of the pandemic, stating “this past year has certainly had a powerful effect on adults, but consider how the pandemic has altered every aspect of our kids’ lives… it’s no surprise that the pandemic has caused an increase in anxiety, depression, and social issues for all ages.” He goes on to say that “we’re seeing a proliferation of toys designed to help our youth cope with stress, instill emotional intelligence, and promote social emotional learning (SEL) skills.”

Mr. Mininni then cites a variety of examples of these toys, and explains how the packaging for each conveys the product’s mental health benefits to parents while communicating the play pattern in a way that’s fun and engaging for kids.