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Our design team was engaged by Peanuts Worldwide to create a fresh, new look for the “core” Peanuts global packaging program that would accommodate everyday as well as seasonal, holiday-themed licensed products.

Our design solution for the packaging program leverages iconic elements associated with the brand to establish a simple, contemporary visual aesthetic that works consistently across all packaging variations. Package design architecture, which is inspired by the zig-zag graphic from Charlie Brown’s sweater, bisects the design. A pattern of Charles Schulz’s Vintage or Classic comic strips in grey and white provides a backdrop for the Peanuts branding at the top of the design, while a distressed halftone pattern in tones of yellow fills the bottom. Snoopy serves as the primary character to represent the packaging program, although the full cast of Peanuts characters is made available for licensees to work with on packaging for character-specific products. Scenes that portray the familiar relationships between characters appear on the side and back panels.

The overarching design remains the same for seasonal packaging variations, while the color palettes, comic strip patterns and character artwork change to align with the Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas holidays in a dedicated manner.

The global packaging guide addresses the standardized usage of all package design assets and provides templates for the blister card, closed box, window box, belly band, header card and hang tag packaging formats.

Peanuts Blister Card Package Design

Peanuts Everyday Packaging

Peanuts Holiday Packaging