Spin Master Ltd.

Disney Side Kicks
Package Design

Spin Master Ltd. engaged our team to develop the package design for Disney Side Kicks, the board game by Eric M. Lang where the infamous Disney Villains have teamed up to capture our favorite hero characters, leaving it up to their courageous side kicks to come to the rescue.

Our solution leverages a bold, black title treatment that turns the word “SIDE” on its side and masks a flow of Disney magic in tones of blue and magenta. The overall white design establishes an upscale aesthetic where an illustration of the Villains’ castle and all peripheral communication appears in tones of grey. Our side kick “heroes” appear in monochromatic tones of vivid color in square, radius-cornered insets beneath the title treatment. The tag line, “Time To ‘Kick It’ Into Hero Mode!”, adds a bit of attitude as it tells the game play story.

Disney Side Kicks title treatment design

Disney Side Kicks Package Design