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Branding & Packaging

Laser Pegs Ventures engaged our design team to refresh the brand identity and package design system for their namesake brand of light up construction sets.

Our approach to the refresh of the Laser Pegs brand identity was to establish a mark that better represents the brand, while clearly and immediately conveying core product attributes. Our solution leverages a holding shape that takes on the principles of a thin sheet of plastic, influenced by brightly colored light concentrated along its edge, and a font that expresses the brand’s technology-based personality in bright, glowing white.

For the brand’s new package design system, our goal was to organize key segmentation and marketing communication in a clearly defined hierarchy, while taking ownership of black as a distinguishing brand color within the construction toy category. We employed two thin rules of colored, glowing light as distinctive design architecture to organize all communication on pack.

The linear, horizontal rule creates a header area for the brand identity and tag line, while the arced vertical rule establishes an area for build quantity and a “Try Me” window along the right side of the front panel. The rules intersect to create a space in the upper right corner to communicate the color-coded product segmentation levels: Builder, Junior and Nano.

The remainder of the front panel provides generous space for a large, digitally-enhanced photo of the main product build. An information totem appears in the upper left of this area, which contains product name, LED quantity, age grading, piece count and battery information. Beneath the totem is a radius-cornered box that calls out key product features.

The new Laser Pegs package design system takes into consideration the manner in which consumers shop the construction toy category. All communication is consistently placed and easy to find, making it much easier for consumers to navigate and understand the product line while making their purchase decisions.

Laser Pegs Branding and Packaging Design - Panel 2

Laser Pegs Branding and Packaging Design - Panel 3

Laser Pegs Branding and Packaging Design - Panel 4