ZAG, Inc.

Zak Storm Packaging

ZAG, Inc. worked with our design team to develop the licensed product packaging program for Zak Storm, a computer animated children’s television series produced by Zagtoon, Method Animation, De Agostini Editore, SAMG Animation, MNC Animation, and Man of Action.

When teenager, Zak Storm, takes his father’s necklace and goes surfing, he is suddenly taken out to sea by a giant wave and ends up in the Bermuda Triangle where he is picked up by a sentient pirate ship called the Chaos along with a talking sword named Calabrass. He discovers that the necklace contains a gem called the Eye of Beru, which gives him special powers. To return home, he needs to become the captain of the Chaos and unite the Seven Seas. To help him on his quest to return home, he assembles a band of misfits: a ghost boy, an Atlantean princess, a Viking, and a space alien.

Our solution for the Zak Storm packaging program leverages Calabrass, the talking sword, as a the key component of the package design architecture, which creates a diagonal split in the design that serves as a window into the world of the animated series. The design architecture features a montage of all key characters, while the remainder of the package design is inspired by identifiable parts of Zak’s ship, the Chaos.

The packaging program features a blister card, window box, closed box and hang tag. Standardization guidelines were developed for each packaging format, which were supplied to licensees along with all package design assets and easy to follow instructions for design implementation.

Zak Storm Packaging Design - Package 1

Zak Storm Packaging Design - Package 2