Freaky Fusion Branding

Mattel worked with our design team to develop the sub-brand identity for Monster High’s Freaky Fusion line of fashion dolls. The Freaky Fusion story has a creepy twist: the Monster High goulfriends travel back in time to find Monster High in the past. Upon returning to present time, the characters fuse together to form freaky, hybrid versions of themselves, with names like Neighthan Rot, Dracubecca, Lagoonafire, Cleolei and Clawvenus.

Our solution for the sub-brand identity was inspired by the steam punk design aesthetic. Elements of copper and brass, screws and bolts, frames and chains form a heart-shaped identity. And a circular lens captures the multi-colored energy that powers their time machine.

Freaky Fusion went on to become a Monster High TV special, premiering as digital release, then a home video release.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Branding - Panel 1

Monster High Freaky Fusion Branding - Panel 2