Spin Master Ltd.

Rusty Rivets Branding

We were engaged by Spin Master Ltd. to develop the logo for their preschool animated series, Rusty Rivets. The series, which is inspired by the DIY culture of the Maker Movement, features young hero Rusty, who uses his imagination and resourcefulness to save the day when the need arises.

Our team developed a series of concepts that juxtapose custom typography against holding shapes that appear to have been constructed by hand from combination materials. Machined metal, screws and bolts, and PVC tubing play against hi-tech elements, with circuitboard and lighting bolt accents, and dials that contain Rusty’s glowing icon.

The selected concept for the logo combines hi-tech and hand made mechanical components styled to visually align with the character attributes and props featured in the animated series. The color palette of bold orange against a cool neutral grey, black and white with accents of “powered up” cyan creates a strong, contemporary brand statement.

Rusty Rivets Branding - Img 1

Rusty Rivets Branding - Img 2