Littlest Pet Shop
Style Guide

When the property began losing licensee interest due to an influx of competitive, character-based products in key categories, Hasbro engaged us to develop a new creative strategy for the Littlest Pet Shop’s lifestyle licensing program, which we ultimately brought to life in its style guide design.

The paw print has always been part of the Littlest Pet Shop’s brand heritage. However, it was always interpreted in a literal manner, never conceptually. Our new creative strategy established an iconic depiction of a paw print, standardized its proportions, then infused it – either overtly or subliminally – into every design element associated with the licensing program. It can be an integral part of a badge design, hidden in a pattern, or used as an accent or signature. The possibilities are truly limitless.

The result? The paw print becomes the new visual brand DNA through which an emotional connection would be established with Littlest Pet Shop consumers.

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 1

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 2

Establishing Trend Themes

We identified many common trend themes across a variety of consumer product categories appealing to girls, ages 6 – 9. Projecting what would still be relevant to the target audience over the next year, we narrowed these themes down to four – Collegiate/Athletic, Positive Attitudes, Earth Consciousness, and Glamour. We then developed names for each theme, while making reference to Littlest Pet Shop and the new paw print creative strategy.

Badge designs and repeat patterns were developed against each theme, along with a handful of product applications representing a variety of categories designed to inspire licensees and establish the proper visual aesthetic to achieve as they develop their Littlest Pet Shop product lines.

The refreshed Littlest Pet Shop lifestyle licensing program positioned the brand with a newfound competitive advantage in the marketplace. With its new visual brand DNA and a creative strategy upon which the brand would build, evolve and transcend any emerging trend theme, licensed products in every category became immediately identifiable as Littlest Pet Shop.

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 3

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 4

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 5

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 6

Littlest Pet Shop Style Guide Design - Panel 7