OYO Sports

OYO Sports Packaging

OYO Sports, manufacturer of licensed, LEGO-compatible “minifigures” in the likenesses of all of your favorite sports athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and NCAA, approached us to tap into our ability to create a stronger connection with sports fans through a refreshed package design system for OYO Sports across all sports leagues.

An evaluation of their current packaging revealed that it lacked a common, distinctive design architecture or any trace of visual consistency from league to league. This was due to the fact that each league license was acquired at different times, and their initial approach to package design was to differentiate between leagues rather than to establish a consistent brand statement at retail.

We determined that the success of the OYO Sports product line would be contingent upon the development of new packaging that establishes a consistent communication hierarchy for league, team and product-specific information to improve product line shopability.

Our solution begins with the OYO Sports brand architecture: a horizontal yellow bar that anchors the bottom of all packaging with the OYO Sports logo residing in the bottom right corner. We then leveraged two intersecting architectural elements: a vertical, arced component that contains the league logo, league-branded background and product features; and a horizontal component that contains the team branding, team colors and player/product name.

The remainder of the package design incorporate a dynamic digital rendering that places fans right in the action with their favorite player, favorite team and favorite sport.

OYO Sports Packaging Design - Thumb 1

OYO Sports Packaging Design - Thumb 2

OYO Sports Packaging Design - Thumb 3

OYO Sports Packaging Design - Thumb 4

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