Marvel Entertainment

Wakanda Forever
African Street Art

Marvel Entertainment asked us to contribute four individual pieces to a collection of art assets centered around the essence of Wakanda, celebrating its vibrant, mysterious and fierce culture as the hype for the release of the Black Panther franchise’s second film, Wakanda Forever, was building.

The goal was to create four stylized interpretations of Black Panther, Killmonger, Shuri and the Dora Milaje, rather than a literal take on character artwork featuring likenesses of the film franchise’s actors.

We leveraged the contemporary African wall mural reference we found through our pre-design research, as well as the detailed character costume imagery found within the Wakanda Forever style guide, as we conceptualized each piece. Our design solutions are symbolic and abstract interpretations of each of the four characters, focusing on their masks, weaponry costume details and color palettes to tell their individual stories.

Wakanda Forever African Street Art - Panel 1

Wakanda Forever African Street Art - Panel 2